Don't let go

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 02:10 -- STXLE

Sometimes I wake up and wonder what keeps me motivated

I keep my foot on the brake while some others accelerated

I've elevated but still hated what I was saying

I was just moving quickly still testing my own patience...

But I fell back, drugs had me captive to relapse

I never got out of bed, stayed comfortable with the relax

Just a habit to kick back go grab another few caps

not a gun statement but I could still feel the kick back

when I sit back.

It's just a few pills, plus I like to get beamed

Shot down with some new deals

Xanax price so low I call it a steal

until I feel it hit my body then i'm loading the steel

and then I stop...

I pause for a second and then I drop

I'm a psychopathic addict to almost every drug that I cop

But it doesn't matter apparently i'm gonna stop

I've said that 5 or 6 times before my feelings were lost

and killed off in a stockyard and then hit back to the ballpark

It sounds dumb when I talk smart but notice rhythms can take part

But wait...

It all stops in an instant

It's like a class full of kids then the teacher dismissed it

If you think about it school is just like life...

Some fail, some pass, and others barely get by

It all depends on the effort and if you wanted to try

But what's your purpose? reading this poem wanting to cry

Or hopfully realizing you're not ready to die...

Not many people decide to put up a fight

Just whine, stay sad at their own life

You found every reason to cry but not once to even climb..

I'm at the top of the mountian made of burdens that broke my spine

And still, I'm going back down take my hand this time

Let me guide you to the top I promise you I won't let go

Just hold on tight, don't quit until I say so

And before you know it...

You're at the top and helping others grow...

Now. You know the reason I never let go

Live your life like a poem. just let it flow...

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