When Summer Speaks

Summer is reflection. Learning about yourself

as much as you learn about another people's history.

Summer is new. There's a world of possibilities

before you and new languages to train your tongue to.

The new new you is forming and the year suddenly seems at its peak.

A point where for some reason you feel granted permission to reinvent yourself

and re-ignite flames of passion dreams and wide-eyed projects

that otherwise took a backseat throughout the year.


Summer is ideas. Knowledge.

Wisdom from The Bible and designs diffusing deliberately

and so perfectly from its pages. Synapses forming and

electricity flowing. Summer is a paper and pen.


Summer is rest. Putting a worn out body through comfort and soft pillows.

Summer is moving. New houses freshly

painted walls and rooms filled with the acrid

smell of chemicals you probably shouldn't be inhaling.

Summer is family. Re-establishing bonds that you

haven't had the chance to strengthen but now that it's

summer these bonds never seemed as affected as you thought.


Summer is traveling. What pieces of your character

will you find the next border over? What will you

spring back to and boldly approach

fall as now that another thread of your personality

has been woven into your veins for the past four months?


Summer is love. Smiles handshakes

hugs and bugs (oh, so many bugs).

Cookouts parties and nights

where you get to love yourself and feel the tugs

on your own heart.


Or maybe summer is just doing what you've always been doing:

Living - no, thriving. Because to you, summer is not a season.

Summer is the beautiful life you were chosen to live,

all for the reason of glorifying Jesus through what you do.

Summer is this.




"If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you." James 1:5 NIV


Shine your summer lights, Little One.


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