Failure is Not an Option

My home is the field

With fear of being shown the red

The crowd fills in, watching

Whether real or inside my head

My mind and body must work together

 For my one purpose to be reached,

Achieve success and be among the best,

No matter what tries to stop me.

Playing away from home is no simple task

I weave in and out of opposing players

Making my way towards my goal

The best player approached me, not backing down.

In less than a second I’m standing up and he’s on the ground

The playing field is not level

But I know my team is behind me

Endless cameras are among me

Waiting for a mistake to be made

With top class I give the ball a blast

All I can do is wait patiently,

Anxiety continues to rise

As the ball soars through the air.

The beautiful game never disappoints

My biggest obstacle has been defeated

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I like soccer too

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