Mon, 04/02/2018 - 10:42 -- puffin

You hurt me!
Surely you can imagine
That ghastly, glorious surprise --
Occam's razor sliced through faith's abdomen,
And ushered in its final demise.

Should I curse or thank you?
Perhaps I should stop reading.
But ceasing wouldn't subdue
This promising new beginning.

So I kept going,
And you kept speaking in my head.
Your words were wise and knowing,
Even though you were already dead.

You talked to me about science,
Told me of wonders yet undiscovered.
There was not one page of abeyance
From your awe-drenched wonder.

You picked me up,
Dipped my head in waters of reverence.
I just can't get enough
Of your kind, child-like exuberance.

Your words turned my gaze upward,
Then left me alone.
You knew I'd puzzle it out myself, but you authored
The path I'd seek when I'm grown.

Thank you for the inspiration,
For informing me that my passion may be done.
You gave me the hope and anticipation
To work until my final annihilation.

If it weren't for you, I'd be blind.
Your warm words helped me find
A purpose our ancestors enshrined.
For you, the stars are always aligned.


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