The Path

It may not always be easy,

it may not always seem right

but the path to higher consciousness is always in plain view, in clear sight

It is of course the path less traveled by,

taking it pays off 110%, even though you many not want that difficult ascent

The journey is what really counts, being up there means nothing if on the way you haven't learned an ounce

Clue in, grab a notepad and pencil or pen

start writing about how you want to better this planet in some way:

be real, be true, in the end who will this decision affect most?

Why, yes, of course, You!

The moment is NOW, the time has come to join the ranks of Lightworkers, serve our planet and at the same time have a little fun!

You want to leave this planet better than how you found it, do you not?

Then unfurrow  your brow and untie that knot that is all that tangled thought. 

The choice is simple and very clear when you in fact choose to look through the eyes of your heart

Don't hesitate: join a cause, better yet: START ONE!

Remember that you don't have to see the whole staircase to take the first step just like Martin Luther King Jr. so rightly said,

We have to come together as One and trust in the Ultimate Power that has always answered our prayers and gotten everything righteously done,

There is so much more to us as people than meets the untrained eye: in the perpetual cycle of peace, love and light one shall never die!

When the time someday comes when you have to say fair well, make sure that you leave behind a life worth remembering, a life well lived, a feat worth celebrating.

Congratulations! You have succeeded whether you realize it or not because on the School of Earth you can never learn wrong.

Everything you do serves a purpose, no matter how you distinguish it-right or wrong...

Just remember, in your faith always stay strong!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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