Sun, 07/13/2014 - 14:35 -- Bman29

(Play and/or Sing with the main theme song of Dead Island)

Old tales; everlasting stories,
Oh whoever got the series,
Of this very song.

Wake everydays moment with me,
Take every thought out then you'll see,
It won't be very long.

Match the play, clever you,
Timing presevering, can do,
Hope it won't be very far.

Technique is what everyone has,
Somedays we may never pass,
Wishing on this very star.

Pull the lever you're nearly done,
Smoke has cleared and the fever is gone,
Haven't you noticed ever.

You are revered with my praise,
An achiever with a glory gaze,
Now you've seen ever.

E, being so Earnest
V, showing Victory
E, living life with Ease
R, a trophy as your Reward

So remember, this will follow you til the ends of forEVER~.


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