My Unconditional Love For You

I will always love you,

I will love you with an unconditional love.

And because I so deeply love you,

I will always try to give you the world.

You deserve the moon and the stars

Just for the person you are.

The sun for your beautiful smile,

And the milky way for your soul.

Because I truly love you,

I will never cease to try and make you laugh.

Never cease to give you all of my support.

Everyday I will stand by your side.

And everyday I will put you before myself.

I will be your shoulder to cry on in tough times.

I will always be your rock when your foundation crumbles.

I will make sure that you always feel appreciated.

And I will make sure that you always know your worth.

You shall never feel less than when I am here.

Nor will you feel unworthy when I am around.

You deserve all of this and then some.

And because I so passionately love you,

I will go to the ends of this Earth

Just to prove it all to you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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