One Job


   The dreams i want to achieve,   The things I try because i want to suceed, The love i fight for day by day, The women in my life I want to keep someway, To provide a life worth living for her, Always feels beat down by my dissapointments and failures, It feels like a sickness and I just cant seem to find the right cure. My dream come true would be to become a coach and a buisnessman. To accomplish my goals and get married would be the perfect plan, To be with the one I love and ask her to be my future wife, One dream made real would end this strife, All i need is this one job, this one job may change my life.



This poem is based on my life, its inspiration comes from my want to achieve the goals in my life, but something wrong always seems to stump me, sometimes i feel like giving up but my love always inspires me to keep pushing forward and fighting. I want to provide a good life for her in our future, this is why and where the inspiration for this poem has come from. Thank you for reading my poem.            -Elijah Salazar

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