Cute Moose 1 - Cute Moose is Cute

Do you ever just see a man who makes your heart swell? There is not a sexual attraction, but you realize that you love them, on an intellectual level. You want to kiss him, but not for pleasure, just to let him know how much you care! You see his gentle, soft face with vague 5 o’clock shadow, those thin, pale lips, but his shiney cheek is where you want to brush your fuller, softer lips. You see those little reverse almond eyes, slightly watery, with the distant look, as though he is lost in his mind, and you have to provide a subject that is interesting enough to pull him back out to Earth. He calls you “little one, dearest, love”, and afraid to make you uncomfortable, brushes your forearm with his knuckles, barely any contact, or pats the back of your hand with his fingertips, a gentle reminder that he wants to help you, that there are humans with compassion. Other days he is brimming-over with energy, spilling a little boiling liquid or shooting steam when a funny or agitated thought crosses his mind. Instead of watching him with annoyance, you can’t help but laugh at the adorable display of sarcasm or when he wants the attention, WANTS you to notice how funny the thing that he just said is! It may be creepy, but I love him! Nothing out of the ordinary, just a wish for him to show up at birthday parties or have coffee with early Sunday mornings, when he is still waking up, and I am still crabby. As long as there are words to paint beautiful pictures with, reality need not set in. I am content for this distant, one sided relationship and hope to continue it, for my Cute Moose is Cute, and I just want to gather him up in my arms and rock him back and forth and tell him how much I love him, because I very much do.



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