I've Learned by Nicholas Jones, 06/21/14.


"I've Learned" by Nicholas Jones.

In my 18 years of life,
I've yearned for happiness,
And I've yearned for strife,
I've learned of death,
And I've learned of life,

I've learned that it's okay to be fearful of the future and passing time,
That the wrinkles on our faces have more stories of drama and laughter than a television could ever provide,

I've learned that some things are better left unsaid,
I've learned that it's too late to say things when you are dead,
I've learned that I can never trust someone who can't apologize to a broken child,
I've learned that I cannot blame those who have treated me like shit,
That I must learn from my misfortunes and stand when I am hit,

I've learned that I must not let others determine my own self worth,
That allowing suffocation will never lessen the hurt,
I've learned that I'm not what I see in myself when I look in the mirror with blind eyes,
That I am the music I listen to in my car when I drive,
I am what annoys me and what motivates me to breath, to move, to say, or to read,

I've learned that we can not take for granted the memories we have made,
And that we are the walking dead,
That we often let things happen to us,
And that we follow sounds and sights that we've all forgotten,

I've learned that were no different than the ass or humble steed,
That we are hell on this earth with emotions, wants, and needs,

I've learned that while we're on this earth,
We must make something of our time and make it as beautiful and wonderful as we can,
And that when our time is done,
We must pack it all in and remember that it was all temporary,

But most of all I have learned this,
Life is about perspective,
And seeing loss as a lesson gained,
And that God does exist,
In our sorrows and in our pains.


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