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A simple color that is red,
Can stand for many things,
It can be the color of a dress,
It can be your little brother’s hair.
It can be your favorite lipstick that you always wear,
It can be the color of your most beloved ring.
Or verses in the songs that you sing.
Red can stand for love.
Red can stand for passion.
It can be the blood from our Father’s passing.
Red can be temptation.
Red can be a sin.
It can be the flowers sitting in your den.
Red can be the sinful man filled with desire.
Red can be that tiny flame that starts a forest fire.
Red can be the color of love,
Or the color of hate.
Red can be your school colors
On the way to state.
It can be the color of your shirt,
Or the color of your shoes.
Red can be the tragedy you see on the news.
To me red is not just part of a color wheel,
It’s the things that you see
And the feelings that you feel.
But this is just my perspective,
To you this may not be true.
For how you see the color red
Is completely up to you.


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