The Undiscovered

relentless searching

eye wide, hoping

who am i?

i'm searching for the undiscovered

eyes covered by blind

blinds filled with lies

my cries,

can no longer be heard.

suffocated behind my mind,

telling myself it'll be alright,

i lied.

not accepting myself has eaten me alive,


the pain and wonder,

the undiscovered.

crawling out of my shell,

only longing to be held,

but well, hell, is the only thing that seems to exist,

and if i plan to make it to heaven i need to repent.

the undiscovered.

im still looking for myself,

behind these round framed glasses,

with a fragile heart.

underneath the suicide attempt.

and the scars that i've carved into my arm.

i'm still beautiful.

unique beyond compare.

the undiscovered.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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