Diary Entrée: Confession of Night


United States
26° 20' 7.1232" N, 80° 15' 56.106" W

(poems go here) Shades of blue casting over stripes of gold; I watch as the colors shift from light to dark, and slowly the blackness conquers, razing any hint of sunlight that may shine through my window. So similar to what is happening to my heart and mind; some sort of dark evil eating away at my passions. At night, there is a paucity of my bliss, and I acquire this saturnine state of mind. This has occurred every night ever since I was a child. Darkness would arrive and act as though it were a juggernaut of war, fighting against my happiness. Then, a litany of morbid thoughts occurs. In my younger days, these thoughts consisted of my parents and loved ones falling ill. With tears streaming down my face, I would run to my parent’s bed in the middle of the night. They would assure me that they were not dying and send me back to bed. However, today these thoughts have exacerbated, causing me to go through my days, pretending to be happy, as they burn deep in my brain.


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