Saving Lives


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See I have this thing I do;

I write.

Most people say I can’t do it forever but I don’t see why not,

See it lifts me up so high above the clouds it changes your life,

It makes you a better person it makes you see clearer.

I started seeing things through a milky-white-washed wall not too long ago

I forgot who I was

I forgot who I am

And then I took a step back

A deep breath in

And I wrote this down,

A few things down

Because you see that’s what writing is for people like me.

Some of us get paid,

For some it’s nothing but a job which they have to do and they’re miserable and they hate it.

But for me it’s a career path,

It’s a life choice.


How can one person decide the fate to live or die?

For themselves or another human being,

Life should not be in your hands,

For every life is beautiful to someone.

Just ask a painter,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Ask a poet,

A simple adjective can change the whole piece.

Ask a writer,

A paragraph can change a life of a character.


So change your life,

Don’t end it.

This is my job, not to write;

For you see I’ve never been paid,

I want to save your life.


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