The Part of Me


You're all I think about; morning, noon, and night.

When you're not around, I miss you so much and it hurts so bad...

You take a big part of heart...and I'll never ask for it back.

You're everything I want and all that I need; you're the blood rushing through my veins, the beat of my heart, and the air that i breathe.

I'd do anything, try anything, just to see the dimples in your cheeks.

Your smile awakens me and is undoubtably beautiful.

You're the last thing I see, hear, feel; your image, sound, and caress have burned into me with the flames of hell; how beautiful they appear to me now.

I can't even begin to say why or what it is, which makes me love you so much, but my love for you is so grand, it's like the ocean and land, which dresses the Earth, but 1,000,000x over it, again and again.

I'd sail across the ocean in treacherous conditions, soar through a winding, screaming storm, walk across a barren scorching desert, all just to see you for a moment, no matter how short it may be..

It is unexplainable.

It may be outragous, outdated or obscene.

But I love you with all of my heart, with every cell in my body, and every part of me.

-Your Queen


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