midnight moonlight

Darkness falls and all are sleeping
All but one
At midnight a door opens to the night
Two bright eyes peer out
Out of the slumbering house leaps a young girl eager to start the dance
The dance where no one matters
Nothing matters
Just the dancer and the girl
Out in the night with the light
Dressed in the usual garb of molten silver
The dancer waits
Even though the stage has been set for hours
The dancer waits for the girl
The dance begins
Light fills the area making things almost as bright as the day
Wind tugs at the girl inviting her to join
To fly
The girl begins to dance
It is a duet as old as the pain of a broken heart
The duet lasts till the early hours
Slipping back into the stirring house
back to the world of pain, hurt, and ugliness
even though the girl is tired she can see
A new dancer has taken the stage
Dressed in dawn's early glow


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