Life's Camera

Snapping photos,
Paper-printed memories.

Both good and bad,
They are forever preserved
In the scrapbook of our minds.

Just like dusty photo albums,
Locked away in
Cupboards, cabinets, or closets,
We lock away bad memories behind invisible bars.

Snapping away,
Every second of our lives,
Each moment more memorable than the next.

Every day is another
Roll of film, another scene in
The movie of our lives.

Our eyes are cameras, 
Our ears are microphones,
An always-operating movie set,
That captures every precious moment.

We are the directors.
The scripts.
The cast.

The actors.
The actresses.
The set and stages.

This is your story, your moment.
It doesn't matter if you focus on what's bad, good, or the whole picture.
This is your life, your movie, your picture, your story.
If things go wrong, pick yourself up, and
Take Another Shot.

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