Beginning and ...

In the beginning of this love affair with poems

I learned I

was empowered 

by the way words flowed from my pen.

I saw that

it was a unique talent that

not many got

and fewer choose to practice.


Through the years I

expressed myself through poetry:

even high school's entirety,

though it began with that first,

"My Pencil Is My Partner" poem

I wrote for a contest in fifth grade.

Ever since then,

it has been,

just my pen and I,

(and a journal).


I write to:

maintain my sanity,

exorcise the demons inside of me,

capture memories to look back on.

I could write five pages about how a date went,

but my emotions would be

better captured in a poem:

just one or two stanzas.


Poetry is my heart, my identity, my mind.

I don't like the expansiveness of essays,

filling up the space, filling in the pages.

I like poetry:





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