Look at everything around you

Do you see it? 

See it all

From the way the ocean kisses the sand, 

To the way the moon follows the sun

Isn't it awesome?


Look at how how it's all alive

Listen to your own heartbeat

Look at how you can touch it all

Feel everything

Isn't it awresome?

What do you see?

Do you only see the dark days

Do you only look at the marks they leave

Look at what you create

Your laugh, life, and the love you share

Look at the light you bring

Isn't it awesome?

Just like its the darkest before the sun rises

But when it moves above the sky, it shines

That's you

That's everything around you

Isn't it awesome?

You are the sun in your life,


Look at your life

There's darkness before you 

Let it throuh

After that you'll shine the brightest

Look at you, you're alive

Your heart is beating

Isnt it awesome?

Look at what your dawn is bringing.

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Our world
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