Sun, 07/27/2014 - 17:53 -- Alissa


during the first few months of when you first understood what words, languange, and feelings were

you were called ugly.

Imagine how for the next years of your life you were reminded of how ugly you were.

the words repeated to you everyday of how you were fat, stupid, annoying, a freak, ugly.

Reminders of your horridness whereever you went, the mall, the park, family reunions, even home. insults spat out by your own family every single wretched day.

being beat up by fist of fury every time you met them.

and no one would help you.

Imagine trying to fight back butcouldnt because you cant.

if you fought back, it ment more pain, if you didnt you still got pain.

what was the difference?

Imagine seeing the look of shame in your parents eyes as you see them realize that you were in fact ugly. stupid. slow, fat, skinny.

what did it matter no one loves you anyway.

Imagine your young childhood days filled with hunger, pain, abuse, lonlines because you believed everything theytold you.

how could you not?

too young to realize what was truth and what wasnt.

who cared what you thought. no friends, no family you grew up with noone.

as you aged you begin to fight to hurt the ones around you

those you love

and those you didnt mean to hurt but it is not your fault.

you grew up only knowing how to defend, and eventually to only fight.

anger pulsed in your veins everyday

becaue you hated it.

hated the fact that you were impossible to love.

Imagine having friends who screwed you over, creating a crack in you

Imagine having family spit in your face screaming 'youre no blood of mine' that drilled a hole

Imagine finally realizing that you are alone in the world and that no one wants you or ever will.

it opened a void.

nothing but silence, sorrow, and pain.

now imagine, many year pass by when finally a thought appears.


why am i fat. stupid. dumb. too skinny. ugly.

why does it matter?

Imagine the people out there who are like you.

Imagine that those peoples are bullies, bullied, lonely and just like you.

Imagine youre not alone

you never were.

Imagine that you stop giving a fuck.

Imagine people will love you, they will you know it.

why do you have to care?

why do you have sit there and endure whatever youre going through?

 Get up, give help, ask for help


you shouldnt have to Imagine




If only more people would think like what you embody in this poem...

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