There are days

I wish I could move

My own mountains

Days I wish I could fix

Broken bones and tattered clothes

With my own force of will

And invisible strength

But I can’t

On most occasions.

And even when your arms are tired

From yesterday’s breaks

Scrapes and bruises

You say

Let me help you

And together

I think we could move the world

Or maybe it’s only you.


You are in pain,
I think,

Confused from so many

Shards of stolen problems

Between your fingers.

I think

Your hands must be weak

From catching every piece of me

I thought I might lose

You kept them safe

Until I could be

Fused back together

I think I owe my


To your patience

Like a puzzle you never

Quite gave up on

But where are your missing pieces?


Maybe we can solve our

Jigsaw minds together

Break ourselves into spare parts

And reconnect them

Finding a new self-certainty

Behind cardboard cut-out doubts and

Paper Mache pains


I think you could construct

A civilization on your back

Written in backbones and

Impossibly resilient heartstrings

Just stop for a moment

And listen.


Though you are the ears

The shoulders

And heart

To every person falling apart

You have your own monsters

To face

The ones you try to erase

With words

But sometimes your pens run dry

So here,

Use mine.


I think it is interesting

How even when

You’re so broken

You are the one that

Holds me together

I know, it isn’t fair.


Maybe we can break down

Our wall of insecurities


And rebuild.

I’ll bring the matches

If you bring the vodka

We’ll set fire to the ashes

When it’s all

Been burned down

Don’t worry about the smoke

No one will notice

A sky filled with poetry.


I think you could move

The world

On your shoulders.

You may not realize your own


But I can see it

I have watched you move the earth

Just to prove
I was never alone

I think you deserve all the words

I can sew together

And it may take a lifetime to say

Thank you

So let me start here.


There are days I wish I could move

My own mountains

And even when your arms are


From your own breaks and bruises

You say

Let me help you

We build a tunnel through

Whatever I am harboring

Until I can see stars


You never let me forget

There are stars

Or sky

Or sunlight behind the clouds


I know what I say

May not change your view

But if I could I would paint you

In truth

So you would not be the exact same you

But a person with much less doubt

With less pain on your mind

And monsters at your side

You deserve a break from

Being the one who can never

Be broken


So let me help you

Move your mountains

Fill your life with smokey poetry

Remind you there is a sky full of

Stars behind those clouds


Let me be your patience for now


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