The Random Thoughts of a Dreamer


United States
35° 24' 0.9792" N, 80° 39' 17.5968" W

New day different dream, New night different thought, Living life to the fullest because I know happiness can not be bought.

Dreaming of a dream thinking how will I accomplish, I wish I had the answer to be quite honest.

Dreams to succeed, dreams to inspire, but it's hard to accomplish these when walking a tight wire.

Why do people want to see me fail, they attempt to put my dreams in a metaphorical jail.

I'm breaking free, I am breaking free, no matter what storm comes my way, my dreams will stand strong like a Sequoya tree.

I dream of making my dreams a reality, and one day this technicality will be an actuality.

Race on, Race on, I keep the faith and stay strong, dreams are right and never wrong, keep dreaming and one day I'll find where I belong.

I possess the key, the key to life, the key to my dreams, after I unlock it I will then live out all these things.


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