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Is it the beginning,
where beginners dream of winning
or is it the end,
where dreamers decide on quitting?

I am a dreamer, a beginner,
an ambitious personality.
I am a thinker, a realist,
In tune with reality.

The defeat of countless,
the victory of a few,
I find myself in their presence
and the feeling is renewed.

The feeling that is felt
when Mufasa takes the floor.
In his wake, with one gesture,
leads an army with his roar.

Like oppression overcome
by the strongest of souls
or the sweetness of a heart
Never burdened by gold.

I hear the beating of drums,
a flames glory and power.
From all stretches of the globe,
the tribe chants louder, LOUDER!

Then it disappears.
Somewhere it roams.
A legend with a secret.
Its whereabouts, unknown.

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