My Awakening

“My Awakening”

Waking up everyday

My life has not been the same;

I got that voice in the back of my head

It’s reminding me of all the bad,

But then I remember there’s a One who forgives

He’s the one that wakes me up each morning,

He’s the one that keeps me sane

It’s easy to slip up and have a downfall,

It’s not an easy world

People make mistakes over and over,

Then there’s him flawless in every way

He guides me through situations,

He directs my paths

Oh what a silly girl some might think,

But I know he’s alive

I feel him when I’m in my lowest estate,

I hear him telling me daughter it’s ok

To think about what he went through,

Time and time again

How I could never have done that,

It’s not a shame it’s just the truth

How the world could be so cruel,

Yet they blame him for whatever comes their way

How could you ever blame a man like him,

They throw their versions of him left and right

They try to tell me he’s not real,

They try to tell me who he hates and who he loves

He is an all loving man,

He has feelings so of course it hurts when mankind sins

He’s the reason I’m here today,

The reason I can make it through day by bay

The reason I lift my head high even when I feel low,

I’m not afraid to stand up for him

He stood up for me and that’s all I need,

All the love I need and all the support I need

He’s my Father, My Guide, My All in All,


-Akeisha LATCH,16



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