The Elemental Body of Risk


United States
35° 4' 3.3312" N, 85° 15' 42.8364" W

Flinting fire fairies fly
As the dance of the phoenix burns inside
And as that scorching heat burns eagerly
Golden yellows, ruby reds, grow rapidly
This blistering beauty seems to co-exist complacently,
Are they willing to accept me?

Sweat glistens down my sweltering skin
Crowd so quiet, you can hear the sharp pearl drop of a pin
And fearful, I look down into that mysterious abyss
Knowing if I fail awaiting me is rejection’s lonely kiss
I take a deep breath

Whooshing wailing winds whining for freedom
Unbearable pressure building like a pulsing rhythm
Th-thump-thump Th-thump-thump
My heart racing like Light itself
Binding me from taking that life altering step
I am afraid of such a big change
Seems like Fear came early for the matinee

Like the limbs on a tree during a tornado, I sordidly sway,
And as uncertainty breezes through me
I am blinded from my senses to the point that I can’t feel
Numbed, I close my eyes and fight not to keel
As I continue that unsteady pattern of toe and heel

Grimy grit grinding between my teeth
The earth begins to shiver at my trembling feet
My hands won’t stay still as they boundlessly shake
Just as uncontrollable as a Kansas earthquake
If I fall will you be there to catch me?
Even if that means my spirit could brake?
What if I can’t find the strength to lift my head?
For goodness sake!
Questions without answers, like a world without life, have no purpose being here
My toes hanging off the edge now
Please, stand clear

Peaceful contented pool of life
Cleanse my shakes as I take flight
Liquid blue of subtle rest
Keep me still as I do my best
Wet my nerves with your drips and drops
Before they unrepentantly jump and I belly flop

I want to rise from that deepest darkest part of the sea
To be who, or what, I was born to be
Fear, I command you to drown as I swim seamlessly
I’m ready, and I open my eyes to capture the fullest effect of this ride

With my pulse racing and nerves shocked
I smile
Only one shot, and I took it like 8 mile
This burning passion was born from the ashes of that scorching fire
Growing from that noble seed of influential desire
As I fly with my wings of immense elation
I soar above and beyond devastation
Pure as freshwater and light as the happiest tear
I have made it and I ask
When it’s your turn to jump, will you accept the task?


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