The truth of the matter is I am a black girl that can still rise

Not phased by oppression or depression I am indeed alive

My ancestor was a poet, a writer, and a friend

That means nothing in my life is limited

Not the dreams I have at night

Or the ones I share during the day

I can be the first femal president

Watch as I become who GOD intended

Maya Angelou, my sister do you know who that is

A woman, a legend, and icon

Ur role model indeed

She didn't see a need to flash the crack of her behind

Instead she let the world get a glimpse at her passionate intelligent mind

I don't apologize for wanting to do better than my white counterparts

I am the myth slave owners deemed impossible

I can read, write, and talk the King's English

I'm refusing to give up on all things hard

Fight or flight I'm doing both

Swinging low and soaring high

Don't judge what I call motivation

Look at your ancestors for inspiration



I LOVE this poem!!

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