I like to get Higher.
It's like a tool. 
Unlocking my mind to pull out the ideas like pair of pliers.
I will work hard and grind smart like a dealer just don't call me The Supplier.
Delivering letters filled with unread messages like tacked on fliers.
Hoping to reach your senses to inspire you to live life and get higher.
Seeing the potential in my masses getting schooled but not taking classes.
I want to light a flame to spark your brain and ignite The Fire.
Speaking to The Selective Deaf on a phone with a cord that's unwired.
Feels the same as a man continually preaching to the choir.
The places filled with faces all beaten and tired.
Dreams torn apart the hope's all gone, it's been retired.
Not to mention livin' the reality of a liar.
Those you see are the reasons I play no games and constantly wish to get Higher.
Allow me to take my drag.
Gone through the mud gotten dirty, been bruised but it wasn't that bad.
I needed those obstacles for fun, and now I'm on my way to being a star like Brad.
The Pit was so deep but the time spent inside has made me unique.
Don't take it as a brag.
I am humbled, I've been snagged.
It's just the flights I take will never leave me jet lagged.
Just glad, smiling from ear to ear because I know the ambition in my life mission will get me to the next tier.
So with some fear.
I battle on. 
Using some brains and some braun striving for my goals to get the gold because no one remembers the bronze.
Loud all in the air, yet silence in my ears as I sit and stare.
Pondering over life's trails attempting to understand why they're so unfair.
Leaving us broken and unforgiving with the fake faces we hate but love to wear.
Pain's all over the toll being paid before we realized it's not that severe.
I move behooved by my desire to a achieve all I feel is reserved for me.
Happiness, peace of mind and love can all be acquired.
Bring it on world you can't stop me from getting Higher.


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