Societal Chains

They say you will never amount to anything

That the color of your skin is too dark

You’re body too curved

Skin too tinted…

They question your intelligence and deny your worth.

But why does this matter? Why is this crucial to our lives?


One can’t help but realize why our lives

Are surrounded by everything, nothing, anything.

Branded by stereotypes; they act as if your time has no worth.

Why are our views so tinted;

So close-minded, so dark.

Explain to me why our minds are so wicked and curved.


Where is this worth? Your worth.

It has been twisted, constrained, and curved.

Set you up for failure, you travel through the dark.

As they bask in success, and ruin others lives.

Senseless, careless, doing anything.

You can’t keep but wonder how hearts can be so tinted.


Windows tinted.

Masked worth.

Would give anything,

For everything. Minds curved.

Foolish humans. Wasted lives.

Hidden in the dark…


Overcome the obstacles! Ruin the leads of the dark.

Break through the looking glass that is tinted.

Save yourself. Along with other’s lives.

Guide them. Show your worth. Embrace OUR worth.

Straighten the words that are curved.

Prove to them you are more precious than anything.

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