Why Do Women Cry?


Why do women cry?

Could it be the pollution in the air?

Or is it that they are in despair?

Every women cries for this or that reason

And I know it can’t be charged with treason

Yet one or two, even more women are exceptions

Exceptions that with no doubt have preventions

Words that as a bystander make you hurt

Therefore listening to their cry for help won’t hurt

They’re filled with pain and sorrow

Sorrow that can be gone by tomorrow

Emotionally they are a wreck

Physically it can’t even be described

There are bruises here and there

This is not fair

They do not speak up

They are afraid

That’s why they have stayed

But this is not right

We could all fight

We could end this abuse

If together we fuse

It just takes that one person or group

To make a coup


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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