Stand Up


The power to your words are so


When the spoken ones are left unsaid,

the written ones take over.

Some days your tears other days your laughs or fears

and emotions pour down on paper

Your pen or pencil on this piece of paper,

is what holds you safe.

When the person you ment to speak to was left unspoken,

use your thoughts and concrete tools to prepare you for your


When you’re left powerless and abused

by the words of others who have hurt you,

take your written thoughts and use those to heal you

and bring your words to power, for they are so


They won’t know what left them speechless

after only leaving pieces

of those words you wrote and have walked away.

The power to your words are so powerful,

you mustn’t use them to hurt. But

if you’ve ever been hurt, the power to your words

can be used to rise above the unjustly rest.


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