My Poemy Poem- An Ode to Dr. Seuss

"Poems should rhyme, 

all of the time"

Isn't that just the cheesiest line?

Dr. Seuss, boy he was great, 

and I don't think even I  could debate

That a rhyme made his poems even more special 

Even when it was as knotted as a pretzel 

With approximate lines and cheesy word flow

But that great man, sure did know

That children's poems were the way to go. 

Because they are simple and clean and matter of fact

Teaching kids lessons of how they should act. 

I can imagine him sitting and laughing 

About making up words such as giraffing.

They are not real words, but he was a genius

And when I was a kid, nothing could come between us. 

But now that I'm older I don't quite like 

Poems that rhyme, but it's like riding a bike. 

You always come back and know what to do 

Because there is no one truer than true

And nobody, NOBODY, is youer than you! 



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