Climbing Out by Schotty


United States
34° 8' 43.854" N, 117° 28' 2.586" W

I'm just walking, trying to get by.
Irritated by the fact, I don't even try.
Excuses after excuses, what is there left to say.
I'm in the fetal position, and all I can do is pray.

I'm in desperation, but I lack the motivation.
Like a drag car is space, has a possibility to win a race.
But is stuck in place, because its speed is a waste.
Thats the challenge I face, undoubtedly from day to day.

Time and time again, father time has been my friend.
Pressuring me todo well, so I can move on and excel.
But, lately times haven't been so swell, I have ignored time and he had bid me farewell.

It is my fault and it is my flaw, procrastination, says it all.
Work it all, at the last moments, digging my hole.
I cast the blame on myself, but after awhile it becomes deleterious.
Hurting my ego, destroying my pride, and losing my soul.


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