The wrestler

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 23:56 -- Lupe408



As the trials begin 

the emotion within buld up as we abide 

the consciousness within us

the summer days grows hot,

but the wrestling room is even hotter.

the inner confidence upgrades from steel 

to stainless steel as our training toughens 

should I redeem my vengeance

fatigue makes a coward of us all,

nor his ego can over come his training

it is then in summer nights when goals are made.

degrees in the thermometer drops 

And this is the time of the year.

december has come around the corner 

carching me by surprise. As I feel the anxiety,

the butterflies build up in my stomach.

am I a puppet? Obeying my ccoach 

but defying my body.

10 pounds to go

as I count down to weigh-ins 

it feels like I'm counting down to my death.

I practice and practice

and today I broke 

The winter is too much for a man.

and I am a machine.

for machines don't cry , they break.

only to repair themselves and learn

from their mistakes.

The first flower blossoms

only to be stepped on by wrestlers

cutting weight.

It is spring and the time has come. To go

hard or go home

A state title on my mind as

I step on the mat.

for venue doesn't change me

this is the reward for all

the hard work I've put in.If I 

believe in myself no one can beat me.

I can feel it in the way I train

I can feel it in the way I move my feet

Everything I've done leads up to this

It's my time. My legacy starts now.





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