Wed, 04/16/2014 - 18:14 -- jemoli
In those few peaceful seconds, it was just me and the world.
No noise.
No barking dogs.
No screaming people. 
No one there to judge me. 
All that was there was me and the night.
The cold night that nipped at my legs and my barely covered toes.
My breath playing games with the air as it blew from my mouth.
I stand there looking up at the stars.
I, absentmidedly, start to follow a plane.
It's amazing how fast it goes up there, but down here,
Down here on land I can keep up with it.
I wonder what it would be like to follow the plane.
To follow that blinking light until it stops.
And if it became day before the journey finished,
I would follow the gray, bird-like figure in the sky.
It makes me wonder where its destination is.
To see what the passenger sees.
So oblivious to the girl stadning on her driveway.
They wouldn't even see me.
I'm so tiny.
That's when I snap back to reality.
I know that neighbors may watch me thinking I'm an awkward child.
Let them.
For in those few peaceful seconds I felt a part of the world. 
Like there was no one else except me.
No lonely feelings came, 
Because in those few seconds I breathed in...


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