Those Big Brown Eyes


United States

   Your voice alerts me,

I finally found you, I can see.

Searching the noises thats in my ear,

Listen real close its you, I can hear.

I love those big brown eyes,

I'll never  have to say my goodbyes.

   Bright colored flowers with the wind in our faces,

rushing throw the green grass so soft looking upon traces.

You're my lesson as I teach you the little things,

You're the prayer to the prays I ask the lord,

your heart and care is simply all you can bring.

Those big brown eyes is something I look for.

   I adore your laugh it makes me smile,

I'll never leave your side im here for a long mile.

Those big brown eye's brings me long lasting joy,

I love you forever and that's honesty its not a joke or a toy.





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