Last Week's Alcohol

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 18:50 -- c_dim


Life is passing by and we're still drinking
Last week's alcohol...

All my life I've sat in my room
     Dead inside
       Watching the world pass by
          The wind blows outside my window
               And life passes me by

So many stupid rules
    Forgetting-or never knowing-how to live
       What it's like to be alive

I'm watching you
     Fall apart
         I watched you crack and shatter to pieces
            And I never wanted to be that girl

I was always the good girl
    I am the golden girl
        I am the smart, mature girl
Who screamed inside and threw my book at the wall
       I couldn't hear myself
          Over your damn expectations

All my stupid rules got me nowhere
     But dancing by myself
     All alone
Screw my stupid rules
I'm tired of dancing 'round all alone

I am alive
The weakness, the silence, the sirens, the madness
The tears and screams
I feel everything you think I don't

I watched you be normal
   I begged for it on my knees

I'm so sick of wallflower pity parties
I'm so sick of hearing you get drunk
     I hold my breath
          No one is dancing with me
                              Yet again

I have nothing left to lose
          I was the good girl
              I brought in the good grades
                 I was the angel
     I didn't go to parties
       I didn't go out
         I never once touched booze
           So why is my life is passing by
              While I'm drinking last week's alcohol

You say you're scared of this
Well I'm. scared. too.

This is how it feels
              To fall in love
This is how it feels
               To fall

But I'm alive here
I'm living here!

                 Watching you...
            Watching me...
                           Watching us....

....and I'm still drinking last week's alcohol.


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