Fri, 05/13/2016 - 00:12 -- mkorrie

I've never been much of a writer.

The only talent for it I had was writing a three page essay in two hours.

For the longest time, writing was an introduction, three body paragraphs, a conclusion. 

It was the analysis of passages.

It was a grade.


I've never been much of a poet.

I don't try to twist my tongue over a rhyme.

 For the longest time, I didn't explore poetry.

Until I found her.

Her spoken word brought inspiration to me, like a light to a cave. 


She was a poet,

No, more than that, a storyteller.

No, more than that, an artist.

She painted story boards with her words,

and took every color to bring them to life.

For the longest time, I typed 'Sarah Kay' into the search bar for another look at art.


I've never been much of a story teller,

But since then, I've learned.

I've learned to write, to be a poet, to be a story teller. 

My hand may not be as steady, but I'm learning to paint with my words too.


Poetry is colorful, full of rhymes, stories, whatever you want it to be.

Painting with your favorite colors soothes the soul.

I've learned writing is more than an assignment,

its a therapy session, an experience, a memory, 

a painting.





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