Life Love Eternity



It's like that hazy glow
Just before the day lets go
Of it's bright and lasting hold
And slips off into night's
Cool blue sky.

It lasts for one short breath
Only inches in breadth
Before fading into death
And becoming just a memory
Of something loved.


It's like the little flower
Shut up for endless hours
Held in by it's own power
And the need to grow
Within itself.

But it opens softly up
Perfect, and uncorrupt
Light filling it as a cup
And showing it's beauty
To the world.


Is no mythical thing,
Of which we merely sing,
Or a made-up scheme,
But as true as the heart
Beating inside you.

The hazy light leaves,
The flower it's last breath breathes,
And eternity moves and weaves
Into the lives of all
Walking the Way.


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