Behind My Heart's Doors

I want past pain's sky

always taunting me, she teases me

She told me I'd never get away

The way I dread-locks pain inside me

She shacked up with her man, Misery

They play sad tunes on strings

Harmonizing the agony they bring

I ask them please let me soar

Aim high, let my spirit roar

But she suppresses my cries I smell them cooking demise

Release me from these dark shackles

as my hurt constantly tackles

Me in the living room

of regret and gloom

As I give up and begin to walk away

a little voice in my heart told me to stay

Because the supers-Joy & Peace

Are both coming in but so discreet

Pain & Misery shriek loudly

Joy & Peace enter in so proudly

They say it's time they roll out

Also looking at fear and doubt 

Negative feelings leave my house-this temple

Because there's no way I could resemble

The peaceful demeanor of my creator

My friend, my confidant, my Saviour

While entertaining feeling of the deceiver

Good feelings are my stress reliever

Love, Joy, Peace, & Patience

All smile at the entrance

I missed the faces of my friends

They bring much laughter on end

But they make room for one more-

He's been out there knocking on my heart's door

I stand there, confused, in a daze

As I watch them move out the way

All I see are nail pierced hands

The demeanor of a humble man

Eyes connect with mine-i'm at ease

His presence makes me fall to my knees

I cry thank you so much for saving me!

He touches me with the words, "Vonasha, you are free"



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