Many of us have doubt when we see that God is taking too long to answer, many of us do not seek the kingdom first and wonder why all the other good things aren't coming we tend to lean on our own understanding which means not Trusting in the Lord with all your heart many christians think that knowing the lyrics to a gospel song is automatically submitting you to God 

Many people claim to be christians but they are seen following the world instead being a follower of Christ instead of being a leader of a missionary group instead of being a youth director instead of being an evangelist instead of being that few that God has chosen 

God will make your paths straight he is the bridge you see when Jesus died on the cross he had a crown made out of nails on his because we think about what we aren't suppose to think about, his feet was nailed together because we go where we aren't suppose to go, both of his hands nailed because we touch things that we aren't suppose to, and he was given vinegar to drink because we say what we aren't suppose to. But still he has compassion for us, he forgives us,and he watches us every second, every minuet, and every hour. God works in mysterious was don't question why things happen because the majority of the time it is a blessing in disguise, brothers and sisters in Christ do not be ashamed of the Gospel always pray and never give up because God will never give up on you. 




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