"Seeking Inspiration"


I come seeking inspiration,

It's been awhile since my last visit.

My nerves bring perspiration.

I search deep, worried I'll miss it.


My arms are stretched out.

My voice grows hoarse from excursion.

I get a feeling... What is it about?

I sing louder, shaking my confusion.


I hold on, my knuckles going white.

I cling, scanning for understanding.

My tendencies bring me down, I fight.

I hear his strong voice; demanding.


I'm blind in the truest darkness.

My only remaining guide calls me.

His beautiful sound; an air of finesse.

He tells me I am his Bride to be.


Ultimate clarity has been reached.

I was created for this bond.

My love grows true, my heart breached.

Here in your embrace is where I belong.


On a daily basis trials show.

I'm regularly tempted, but you help.

Your wisdom brings me peace to grow.

Because of you the ice begins to melt.


I've never experienced love like yours.

I fear rejection, but you never do.

I fear commitment, but love implores.

You consume my fear; I love you too.



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