Simple Sympathy


Empathy is better than sympathy, sympathy is the back bone in "common courtesy".

However, in this 2014 world, humans seem to deny and reject the love each one deserves.

I don't suggest everyone gets a kiss, all thanks to Hershey.

The best thing is to always feel for everyone, even those that are on your nerves.

The more I talk, the more lonely and isolated I get.

Except when I say I love you, I love you and that's what I meant.

I have never been one of demands or of greed.

All I journey for is for someone to heed my plea, then I will, we will, succeed.


Bullies need love amongst the victim.

"We all are created equal" will not be true otherwise.

If "we all are created equal" isn't true, then everyone will suffer from a symptom.

Just thinking about it should give you butterflies.

Bullies and victims exist in all forms and fashion.

The one cure for them, all of them, everybody, will be compassion.

I feel as if I have a lack of power, except what I can change I should.

My one, single wish is to increase sympathy, empathy and compassion so we are all "hood."


There is one thing we could change, and make a promise to each other today.

That is to know there's no acquaintance that ever feels alone.

Sit with them, hug them, talk to them, show them, and say I love you even if it's "gay."

This love may be what you need now or in the future, that someone maybe your unknown.

Just today, my bi friend -who has a girlfriend- talked and helped me.

She didn't scratch my back or rode with me the seven seas.

All we did was chat and play a computer game.

To say how my day with, I can say it was reclaimed.


Hurting your enemy does nothing, but knowing them may prove crucial.

It is humane to want to know why you dislike someone, it is human to err.

To those hungry for revenge, loving a rival maybe brutal.

Except name one person -outside of family and close people- you always liked, that will be my dare.

It is primitive to hate and fight, so humans need to bid that adieu.

Afterwards, bond with your adversary, start something anew.

So I have a question for those who currently feel empty.

Have you ever given a random stranger or someone you hate simple sympathy?

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