Little Black Boy


United States
29° 53' 35.1132" N, 90° 1' 40.7532" W

The mental state of a young black kid is contended
The fast life he has seen on the screen is addictive
Having money and clothes is all he thinks about
Plus the thought of cigars going in his mouth
Now tell me is he wrong
For visualizing material things he's never had
Plus he's also growing up without a dad
Still the scream of his mom shot and killed fill his head on the daily
Sometimes he even questions God about what happened to his sister Haley
Still he never ran
Not understanding he can lose his life from a pan
Then it hit him
He starts to think of the close calls from long distance
The only thing he's thinking about now is the resistance
He's the type of nosy kid to watch a fight until it's over
Others ran when the guns came out he moved closer
So foolish what is he thinking
Hope he isn't trying to be cool
It's just the thrill of danger
He gets so filled up with anger
Only when a stranger start to violate
Then he thinks to or not to annihilate

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josh dillon

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