My World of Dream Catchers and Open Doors


They ask what keeps me propelling,


          after obstacles and complications attack

They ask what keeps me singing,


         when my arms and legs are fatigued

They ask what keeps me thriving,


         after each consecutive day of rain

Most importantly these curious individuals of the world ask...

                                                                           What keeps you SUCCEEDING?

Me, my charismatic curls, simple heart, and deep brown eyes answer...


          "It is my dream catcher I carry through the open doors"


Preposterous, childish they say in response

          the disease of ignorance spreading from their mouths and into their minds

For I am not a fool of ignorance, nothing but


I smile, a smile aged only seventeen years

See with eyes that have only seen one fifth of their lifetime

Hear with ears that have not yet listened to true wisdom


And I reply...


I smile and propel through life seeing the imperfections,

           yet beauty of its twisted strands and beads

I sing and dance to the swaying motion of its delicate feathers

I thrive in motivation because it is always there to remind me


I SUCCEED because this dream catcher guides me,

            through open doors of opportunity

It filters my failure with its golden strands

Distinguishes between potential and uselessness

It carries me forward on its feathers,

             chasing my dreams

And dresses my soul in its colorful beads


Life is a world of open doors.


I am unstoppable

             Yes, I am young.


I succeed because I am happy.


I succeed because insight enlivens me.


I SUCCEED because I carry my dream catcher through the world of open doors.







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