Author Of Your Own Fate

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 18:07 -- Jozondi

Lacking Inspiration

In need of some motivation

For all these goals that I’m chasing

My heart begins to start racing

Today clouded is my focus

I’m Swarmed by these mental Locusts

Life right now is at its lowest

Because progress has been the slowest

But I’m back on the grind

Making Moves and being kind

Now I’ve made up my mind

Release Earth from its binds

But first gotta disperse

All these thoughts are getting worse

Rhymes hotter every verse

Enemies begging for mercy

They just thirsty for the fame

Just a cheater in the game

Of life they bring they mental knife

And then they take a slice

Of the success cake that you worked for day and night (Aye shout out to KiD Cudi)

Haters, I wouldn’t worry about them dudes

Because we the flower petals and they just the stem dudes

With These rhymes I do more than chase these gems dude

With This fire I can make a barbecue, send food

Nothing can stop us when we believe (aye)

No limit to what(.) we can achieve (aye)

No idea that we(…)cannot conceive

and if you work hard all your dreams will be retrieved (aye)

Thank you to the people that always support my dreams

Y’all number one draft picks in all of my teams

Y’all the sole reason that this next verse will be so clean

Raps so vicious it is labeled a murder scene

Here it goes

I’m here to spread the message

Of how one should never lessen

the importance of his soul and the importance of his profession

Because there’s no greatness

In supporting self suppression

And personally in my experience I can attest to this confession (look)

Yeah I know at times that the cause might seem elusive

But I warn you from what you see don’t be too conclusive

As often when you chase dreams the world seems abusive

Just remember what you offer this world is exclusive

There will be times when fear is right behind you

There will be times when doubt is in and outside you

There will be times when the world tries to deprive you

Of the gift that you have but let nothing defy you

Instead of giving up you will march in strides

Instead of giving up you will hold your head high

Instead of giving up you will smile with pride

And instead of giving up you will take passion for a ride

So believe in yourself because your dreams are true

And be the Author of your own life signed by you

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