Why I Write <3


My heart over whelmed with emotions,

My mind flooded with thoughts.

I didn't know how to voice them,

So behind my lips words were constantly fought.

Tried to voice these emotions in so many ways,

But failed each time, I guess this was a phase.

Words pressed hard against my lips, I was amazed

But they failed to break free so things became very vague.

Then I found a new way of expression through the pen and paper,

My tears slowly began to dry up and become vapors.

I watched them dance together as they told the story about me,

and from then on I grew to adore thee.

They were there when I was hurt with no one by my side.

They were there when I was broken and only able to cry. 

They opened up my heart and reveled the feelings I tried to hide.

They showed me beautiful words I didn't know I had inside.

Beautiful words called Poetry, Floetry, or even Poetic Justice.

It came from within so I really grew to love this.

Every time my words flow it feels like I'm taking flight,

So now you finally know this is......

Why I Write.



This is great!


Thank u so much 

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