Cutting the Noose

The noose had been tightening around my neck

Or more specifically, my waist

As my skin began to seemingly

Melt from my bones

I found myself trapped in a terrible cycle

One which took a tremendous amount of strength

And the support of my loved ones

To break

The noose sufficiently loosened

I escaped into the freedom of self confidence

And the burden of recognizing the signs

The rope marks around other necks

In my psychology class

We learned that eating disorders

Are more of a mental cage

Than anything else

I noticed the downcast eyes around me

Some of my peers trying to shrink into their seats

As if they could get any smaller

It was then I resolved to not only loosen

But firmly grasp their hands

Place them on the noose

And help them tear it to pieces

A threat heroically vanquished

In order to do this

I need the knowledge I thirst for

The ability to not only be empathetic

But to dissect their words and create a powerful shield

They can use to block temptation

I need a college education

A degree that can remove their doubt

When they walk into my office

That I do not understand and I can’t help them

I already have the emotional and physical support

From my family and loved ones

But financially, I am crushed and am reaching

For a hand to pull me out and make my dream a reality

I want to create a mirror in the minds of each patient

Let them see their true beauty

Let them see their worth

But I cannot do this alone

As I once needed the help

To still be breathing today

I need the help

So others can live as well

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