Wilted Roses

Official Ball NCAA Championship

with its bright yellow color and

shredded red seams sighs sullenly

from a dusty shelf

while tangled earbuds explain

that musical dreams die

while glares are shot at

flickers of notifications lighting up

the so popular Samsung phone.


Glasses scream that summer is gone-

so long fun.

Mizuno Global Elite softball glove,

size 11.5,

the .5 is


don't forget it,

grows tired of hoping

to be put to good use.


Lovely memories

of being a pitcher




as player #8 struggles

to listen to a boring teacher.


"She is a girl

with a shy personality...

she gets hurt easily."

the softball visor pleads

to the shining computer

that blinds everyone

with dreaded report card.

The softball cleats scream

out all the brutality

they had endured

during the season.


The only calmness comes

from the wilting roses

as they whisper her


for an interaction

with a grandmother



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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