Sweet Poetry

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 22:03 -- vita_sf

It’s taken you to realize how much I love vanilla ice cream

Sweet enough to send chills through your teeth, and soft enough that it may drip if you’re not careful  

I love how often you say my name and how sweet it sounds as it rolls off your tongue


The fun i have with you is something out of a movie, you know, the ones I haven't seen

and after all of this, it'll be seconds before I realize I miss you 

I've noticed that I can find traces of your laugh still engraved in my brain
and i catch myself captivated by the way that you pick your words
the simplest things you say come alive as essays in my mind


There’s so much that I want you to know

there's so much I want to tell you

like that my lips get pouty when I eat oily foods,
or that sometimes I cry when I'm in love


Like the reason i cover my mouth when I laugh is because I don't quite like my teeth when I smile

or when I tell you that I talk too much, it’s a plea for you to tell me the thoughts that rest at the crossroads of your brain and your heartand that I have to tell myself to breathe around you so I won't forget, because otherwise my mind is only captivated by you

I don't want you to know how many times I've been in love. how many faces and minds have eroded my heart
or how deeply I want to go on adventures and explore with you, but I’m too scared to even know where to begin

 I have so many questions, too.  

I want to know your dreams. Where your mind travels to when your eyes fall every night

I want to know if you’ve ever fallen in love, whether it be with a stranger or your best friend 

I want to know what makes your eyes light up, and if I could be a spark


Do you think about me in poetry?

Because everytime I’m with you, my brain seems to reel with little poetic lines that always escape me when you’re just out of reach and never they never seem to hit the paper quite right


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