My 2 Year Old

Mon, 11/12/2012 - 12:59 -- paige12


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A child can break a million hearts,
Girl or boy, age doesn’t matter.
One look into their innocent eyes,
And your heart is all a shatter.

They are precious and beautiful,
Dirty or clean, size doesn’t matter.
They are perfect, but one word from a child,
can make your heart shatter.

A child loves everyone, they know no difference.
White or black, race doesn’t matter.
Secrets from a child,
They can make your world shatter.

For a child can tell a million people,
Mommy or daddy, it doesn’t matter.
A child being abused,
That is what makes my heart shatter.

Unfortunately, I know a child like this,
Step or biological it doesn’t matter.
She is my baby, and to see her go through this,
It makes my heart shatter.
She has a real mother,
But to baby girl, she doesn’t matter.
She doesn’t love her, or she would care,
This is what makes my heart shatter.

I am her step mother, and I want her out of this.
Because To me, she does matter.

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